iCON’s Theory of Change (TOC) is anchored in the vision of the organization. Our vision is “Resilient, Peaceful and Thriving families transforming their communities”. We focus on addressing barriers to:

  • Children’s and young people’s retention and excellence in school.
  • Family economic empowerment.
  • Parent’s leadership and harmony at the family level.

We, therefore, invest in building family leadership capacity, parenting skills, and family income security initiatives. We improve male and female parents’ entrepreneurial capacity to save, invest and leverage economic opportunities that will enable them to sustain their children’s education.

Through supported community formal and informal organizations, iCON promotes economic inclusion for women and parents through advocacy for economic agency for all. iCON also directly engages in national and regional level advocacy by leveraging the economic empowerment opportunities for women and parents. Through various advocacy spaces, iCON encourages women and men to actively participate in amplifying their voices on issues of educational reform, economic justice, good governance, gender equality, provision of quality social services and social accountability. An empowered critical mass of families that has had increased access and utilization of economic opportunities to sustain their children’s education will translate into a full transformative force for Uganda and Africa.

iCON Theory of Change