Family Business Program (FBP)

The Family Business Program (FBP) is an entrepreneurship development program for families that focuses on developing practical business or social enterprise skills for parents and children. The program promotes the use of family owned businesses or social enterprises as a platform not just for revenue generation but also for life-skills education for children and young people. Working together in a family business or/and family enterprise has the added advantage of promoting family bonding and building positive working relationships. The Program has 3 components – training, financing, and a family business coaching facility.

Family Leadership & Parenting Academy (FLPA)

Most parents are not trained or prepared to perform perhaps the most important job in their lives – parenting! The Family Leadership and Parenting Academy (FLPA) is a program designed to provide mentoring, counselling, and life coaching support for parents and their family members. This Program was piloted in Northern Uganda through our Self-Help Empowerment & Leadership (SHEL) community- based groups for women. The program also has a phone-in facility to address emergency psychosocial needs of parents and their family members.

Family Support Program (FSP)

As we seek to develop skills and increase the capacity of parents to provide for their families, we recognize the need for bridge support in the event of emergencies. We created a Family Emergency Support Fund to support families in dire straits who need healthcare, education, welfare, and food relief. The Fund started in 2019 and is supported by iCON’s Social Impact Investors.