Our Background

iCON was established in 2014 following an initial incubation phase as a Women and Young People’s Leadership Academy that commenced in 2009. iCON is steered by a leadership that has amassed over 20 years collective experience in education, business and social enterprise development; rights-based programming, health research; gender advocacy; youth and women empowerment.

Our Objectives

We specifically:

1.Build the family leadership capacity of female and male parents to support and sustain their families.
2.Improve parenting skills of women and men to overcome barriers to children’s education and growth.
3.Develop male parenting skills to prevent gender inequality and violence against children at the family level.
4.Enhance income generating, savings for investment and employability skills and opportunities of parents to sustain their children’s education.

Our Strategy

We employ the following strategies in our work:

  1. Gender-Based Analysis Programming
  2. Research
  3. Evidence-Based Policy Advocacy
  4. Attitude and Behavioral Change Advocacy
  5. Promotion of Male Participation
  6. Capacity Building
  7. Psychosocial, Coaching and Mentoring Support
  8. Partnership Building
  9. Collaborations and Networking

Our Strategic Priorities

1. Over the next five years we aim to become a national voice to address the barriers to human capital development in general, children’s retention in school, women’s empowerment and effective parenting in order to ensure that no child is left behind.
2. We shall consciously endeavor to contribute to the attainment of the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) Uganda agenda in general with a particular focus on SDG 1 (No Poverty); SDG 3 (Good Health and Well Being); SDG 4 (Quality Education); SDG 5 (Gender Equality) andSDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).
3. Our work will be guided by amongst others the Uganda National DevelopmentPlan 11 and 111, Uganda Vision 2040, the Uganda Education Act (2008), the Uganda Domestic Violence Act (2010), the Uganda Children’s Act (2016) and the Uganda Gender Policy (2017).

Our Team

Board Members


Prof Maggie Kigozi, President, Business & Professional Women (BPW), UGANDA.

Vice Chairperson

Nassir Katuramu, Director, Future Links Technologies.


Irene Mutumba, Ashoka Fellow and Founder/Executive Director, Private Education Development Network ( PEDN).


Allen Baguma, Director Newlane Financial Solutions; Author, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Allen Baguma Book Collections, Future Learning Center, a Publishing and Training Consultancy Company.


Danstun Bagenda,
Ph.D, Anesthesiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center.


Hon Monicah Amoding,
Member of Parliament, Kumi Municipality, Eastern UGANDA; and founder Center for Advancement Gender Equality (CAGE).


Violet Mugisa, Business Entrepreneur.


Deborah Kaddu-Serwadda