The Women & Parents Leadership Academy (WPLA)

Changing Mindsets| Nurturing Entrepreneurial Leaders| Creating Social Transformation

Our Women & Parents Leadership Academy (WPLA) aims to address barriers to effective parenting, family harmony, family effectiveness and family capacity to sustain their children’s education. This program equips women and male and female parents with practical tools to build their family leadership and economic capacity. Parents are supported to grow into effective parents through an Entrepreneurship and Transformational Leadership Fellowship Program. Changing Mindsets, Nurturing Entrepreneurial Leaders and Creating Social Transformation is the theme of the WPLA.

  • The WPLA curriculum builds the following capacities:
  • a. Life Skills and Project Management Education.
  • b. Family Leadership Skills.
  • c. Parenting Skills.
  • d. Advocacy for the advancement of gender equality for girls, boys,           women and men.
  • e. Self Help & Empowerment Leadership (SHEL) Skills.
  • f.  Business Entrepreneurship, Savings & Investment Skills.
  • g. Education Reform Advocacy.
  • h. “Boys2Men” Campaign Skills.
  • i.  “SayNo2ChildMotherhood” Campaign Skills.