The Children’s Education Fellowship (CEF) Program

Our Children’s Education Fellowship (CEF) Program aims to address barriers to children’s retention and excellence in school by working directly with children aged 6 to 18 years who are at extreme risk of dropping out of school or who have dropped out of school due to unforeseenindividual and family debilitating circumstances. The CEF Program has two key components and facilitates the following:

  • 1. Education Support Grants
  • 2. Enrolment into the Children’s & Teachers Leadership Academy (CTLA) for:
  •     a. Life Skills, Talent Development and Project Management                           education.
  •     b. Provision of Psychosocial Support, Coaching and Mentoring                     Services.
  •     c. Advocacy training for the advancement of gender equality for                  girls and boys.
  •     d. The “Boys2Men” Campaign.
  •     e. The “Say No to Child Motherhood” Campaign.